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  • A complete software emulation of the hardware of the Commodore Amiga 500 / 1000 / 2000

    Whats new in version 3.5.0:
    New features and updates:
    • GUI is finally fully resizeable! GUI font is configurable.
    • GUI position, size and fonts saved separately for windowed, fullwindow and fullscreen modes.
    • GUI CD audio volume control added.
    • Syncronize clock option does full time sync when emulation is unpaused or exited from GUI.
    • Memory configuration can be fully modified (on the fly, loading state file or using Restart button) without need to rerun the emulator.
    • RTG screenshot and video recording directly from emulated VRAM if capture before filtering ticked.
    • RTG monitor (if multiple monitors) selection added to GUI.
    • RTG hardware sprite and hardware vblank emulation are now optional.
    • Chipset "Wait for Blitter" too fast CPU workaround added, enabled by default, fixes most graphics glitches if program does not wait for the blitter, more compatible than immediate blitter.
    • Optional fake 1G directory harddrive size limit for old programs that think drive is full or has negative space if drive is bigger than 2G. Can...

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